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Meet Your LDN Specialist

Following your appointment, we'll swiftly send your prescription to a licensed pharmacy. They'll reach out when it's ready. You'll get an email with their contact details. The pharmacy will bill you directly for the LDN and ensure speedy delivery.

About LDN: More Than a Name


LDN stands for Low Dose Naltrexone. While it was initially FDA-approved in 1985 for opiate dependence at higher doses, our team has been pioneering the use of LDN at lower doses (between 3 mg and 10 mg per day) for a wide range of medical conditions. Our journey began in 2002 with the first clinical trial of LDN at Hershey Medical Center, Penn State University. Since then, numerous researchers have explored the unique effects of LDN for a wide range of conditions.

Our Healthcare Providers Prescribe LDN for:

  • Autism
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • IBD (Crohn’s Disease and Colitis)
  • Thyroid Disorders (Hashimoto’s and Graves’ Disease)
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Parkinson's
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • and other autoimmune and chronic conditions

Who We Serve:

First Time Clients

  • Embarking on your LDN journey with us? Complete a short intake form and book a 20-minute consultation now.
  • Fee: $220 (LDN cost not included).

Repeat Clients

  • Already part of the LDN Doctor family? Book a 10-minute consultation and continue your path to better health.
  • Fee: $130 (LDN cost not included).

Additional Consultation

  • For those who've previously consulted with our healthcare professionals and have more questions, book a 20-minute consultation to discuss your unique case.
  • Fee: $220
* MA and DC Residents: Currently you must be located in any state other than MA and DC at the time of your appointment and must confirm this during your consultation.

Why Choose LDN Doctor?

  1. Experience the Difference: Speak directly with a dedicated physician in a one-on-one video consultation. Your health, your concerns, and your well-being – it's all about you.
  2. Decades of Experience: We've been using and researching LDN since 2002. We serve the LDN needs of more than 10,000 patients.
  3. Licensed and Insured: Our healthcare providers are licensed across 48 states.
  4. Convenience: Get your prescription from the comfort of your home.
  5. Affordability and Simplicity: No monthly fees, plus a 6-month prescription with every consultation.
  6. Your Privacy Matters: We prioritize your confidentiality, ensuring your records are secure and private.
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Jill Schroeder

Everything went smoothly with the appointment and Dr. Handler is wonderful, as always. She is understanding and listens intently, it is always a pleasant experience.

Crystal Daly

Crystal Daly

Firstly, I was extremely impressed with the process at LDN Doctor. It was fast, easy and organized. Dr. Handler was amazing! She was kind, compassionate, informative and she enhanced my overall experience. I liked how personal she was and that she helped me with my protocol. I was treated with respect. In addition, the pharmacy contacted me right away like she said. Overall, my experience was 5 star. I'd highly recommend LDN Doctor. Thank you!x

Rebecca Lynch

Rebecca Lynch

I have to tell you I absolutely love your service. It was an answered prayer. Dr Handler was very professional and knowledgeable. She offered me more help in 15 minutes than I’ve been able to get in my long journey with fibromyalgia from any doctor I’ve seen. I really appreciate the help with supplements. It was a relief that you had the pharmacy all figured out. It was very low cost. I was able to easily order my supplements as well through full script. I will be a returning patient. Thank you so much and thank Dr Handler for me as well.