Mental Health & COVID-19


The COVID-19 pandemic, which broke out in February 2020, is now being overtaken by a mental health pandemic.

Mental health clinics and hospitals are unable to cater to the unprecedented demand, leaving many people suffering in silence, while their names slowly work up the long waiting list for the psychiatric help they need and deserve, but cannot access.

Multiple factors are contributing to the mental disease that has hit humankind globally Fear, loneliness, financial stress, lack of sleep, disconnection from family and friends, and lack of social gatherings. After all, we humans are social beings and require healthy social interactions for optimal health.

Research shows a 34% jump in prescriptions for anti-anxiety medications during the pandemic and a 19% increase in prescriptions for antidepressants during this pandemic. Suicide hotlines are opening up across the country in an attempt to accomodate for the sharp rise in calls.

Chronic health issues, inflammation and hormone imbalance also contribute to mental disease. As does SAD (Standard American Diet), lack of sunshine and lack of exercise.

I have definitely seen my share of patients over the last 6 months whose mental health is declining, and many cry to me, sob to me, and beg me to help them with their deep sadness, their constant fears, and their intolerable anxiety.

My prescription for dealing with COVID-19 blues, and this is working well for many of my patients, is as follows:

First and foremost, fresh air, sunshine, daily physical activity, creative outlets, and healthy food.

Second, I prescribe LDN.

Many people are unaware that LDN has been studied in mental health disorders and has been shown to be beneficial in depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder, mania, and PTSD. In fact, many of my patients have successfully stopped their antidepressants and write me gushing "thank yous" for this "game-changing" "miracle" "magic potion" medication.

What is it about LDN that is so helpful?

LDN elevates the body's production of endorphins. Endorphins are what our bodies produce when we are happy, excited, post-exercise, in social situations, and in times of celebration.

Endorphins help us feel more optimistic, less fearful, and even stimulate production of interferons - one of the body's primary virus defenders.

On the other hand, fear, anxiety and stress, as well as inflammation and chronic disease dramatically lower endorphin production.

LDN could be a game-changer for this current epidemic - both for its anti-viral properties, as well as its effect on emotional health. I am here to assist you to live a happier, more productive life!

With many blessings for good health - physically and mentally.
Dr. Handler